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Chilli Mafia

Bhutan Lemon Sichuan Pepper(divoký pepř)




8,00 /g


Designation: Bhutan Lemon Sichuan Pepper(divoký pepř)
Latin name: Piper nigrum
Country of origin: Bhutan
Package: 1g
Official producer: Chilli Mafia

Product description

The Bhutan Lemon Pepper is a wild species of the infamous Sichuan Pepper from China but due to the production issues the Chinese do to this it rarely legal in the EU. We have sourced this wonderful type from Bhutan located in the Himalayan Mountains. Due to the nature of this wonderful part of the world Bhutan has established an environmental protection, any farming needs to submit to the protection and reservation of nature, making any crops sourced from Bhutan climate friendly, considering they are high up in the world it is ironic one of the few countries that will not be affected by raising tides is doing everything they can, kudos to Bhutan!

To the West of Bhutan farmers collect the rare Bhutan Lemon Pepper which lives up to its name with an incredible hit of intense flavour and aroma, the lemon flavour is quickly accompanied by the tingly sensation Sichuan - Bhutan Lemon Pepper is known for.

Use it sparingly due to its intense flavour, goes well with Asian dishes, Poultry, Fish and Seafood but also go incredibly well with Chocolate Deserts.

Grown in Bhutan