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Chilli Mafia

Black Pepper Long(pepř černý dlouhý)




7,00 /g


Designation: Black Pepper Long(pepř černý dlouhý)
Latin name: Piper nigrum longum
Country of origin: India
Package: 1g
Official producer: Chilli Mafia

Product description

Black Long Pepper is a climbing plant evolving in Indonesian to India region of the world. Our Black Long Pepper comes from Kampot in Cambodia, one of the best pepper growing areas, originally the first pepper Europe used was the Long Pepper type not the peppercorn we use today. All spices grow to its climate, the soil and weather play a massive role in how the spice will taste and smell, growing in the right area of the world is vital to produce natures bounty making our Red Long Pepper richer in flavour and aroma. The hot, warm, sweet earthy overtones oozes flavour which will remind you have cinnamon. Long Peppers can be cooked with whole in stews and similar, can be a little difficult to grind in a pepper mill, always best to crush up the amount you would like to us and either use in a pepper mill or mortar.

Great with meat dishes especially Game, Fish, Stews, Strong Cheeses and Compote Desserts.

Grown in Cambodia