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Chilli Mafia

"Fleur De Sel" Květinová sůl 2-12




2,00 /g


Designation: "Fleur De Sel" Květinová sůl 2-12
Country of origin: France
Package: 1g
Official producer: Chilli Mafia

Product description

Fleur de Sel Salt from France is created naturally on hot days where the water starts to evapourate in the salt pans. The salt creates left behind form to create a flower salt crystal, hence the name Fleur de Sel or Salt Flower. These flowers are simply scooped up by the farmers, if you look closely at the crystals you will see they are pyramid in shape, these are the flower petals. Sadly its not possible to get a perfect formed Fleur de Sel Salt Flower, they break upon drying. Whereas the name originates from France / Europe, Fleur de Sel is naturally occurring formation throughout the world, we consider the Fleur de Sel from India to have the best flavour. Also  known as pyramid salt for its shape, the flavours from India are more intense that the usual Cypriot type and milder than Bamboo Salt.